why not now….

Some might say I have ants in my pants.   My nurse calls me the energizer bunny.  My boys call me speed racer.  Some call me crazy….  I like to be super busy all the time. My favorite pace is frenetic.   My fav topic is the v. No matter who, what or where, it seems the conversation always circles back to the v.   So what happens when there’s a pandemic?   The world seems upside down.  Elective surgery is hold hold.  Office patients are in quarantine.  Seems to me it’s  a perfect time to start a v-qool venture! 

Ever wonder what’s normal? What’s scarey? What’s on other women’s minds when it comes to periods, hormones, breasts, butts and sex?  What is that v itch or worse that v bump?  What keeps you up at night when it comes to your v health? 


In case you’re still wondering,  v is for vagina (and v is also for vulva, but i digress).  We will discuss that too. 


So let’s paint a picture.   It’s funny really.  I’m a gynecologist.  My husband is a colorectal surgeon.  We met in medical school and the rest is history.   I mean who else would deal with a energized, speed racing  gynecologist?   We have two grown sons. Neither has any interest in medicine yet they know more about vaginas than they ever bargained for.  Our dinner table conversation over the years is definitely unique and not for the faint of heart.   “So how was everyone’s day?”  quickly evolves or dissolves, as some might suggest, into a colorful day in the life of those who work below the belt.


Despite the sometimes messy, (and I mean really messy) and always exciting  day to day, we are usually a pretty fun and fashionable group here in my NY gyno world.  In my office, my colleagues and I were known for our v intellect along with some groovy outfits and  bling to brighten the exam room. Then, in a flash, we traded this snazzy style in for a new look; work out and easy peasy washable leggings (thanks lululemon, but could you change the crotch?… much more on that to come) and sturdy destruction proof OR  (aka operating room) clogs with a whole lotta super glam PPE. 


So, we forge ahead in v world.


After all, the v is super cool to know about!